5 Tips For A Recovering Shopoholic

5 Tips For A Recovering Shopoholic

“If cats looked like frogs we’d realize what nasty, cruel little bastards they are. Style. That’s what people remember.”

Recovering shopoholic

Do you love clothes? Are you tempted to collect pretty things that fit well with the neurotic enthusiasm of a hoarder like the one’s featured on that cable reality show? You aren’t alone. Women in particular seem to be blessed with the shopping bug and when you find a great look, that you feel good wearing, it’s painfully tempting to buy one in each color.

The good news is that it is possible to achieve great style, stay with the trends and wear quality clothes without overspending. It just takes a bit of planning. Here are 5 Downturn Living tips for tactical shopping without overspending:

1. Visit your money in your software budgeting program and determine a budget for clothing. You can start by figuring out what works within your income for a month. Then multiply it by three and plan a quarterly shopping excursion with a hard boundary for what you can spend (draw the line a bit before your actual limit just to be safe.)

2. Spend the time between the actual buying, to do your shopping. Research the latest looks, pick a few pieces to enhance your wardrobe and figure out who carries them. If you are buying on line, it can be fun to go on a “try it on” trip to make sure you know what will look good. Just make sure you curb the urge to enjoy instant gratification. Getting a grip on our impulses is a major step on the road to buying responsibly.

3. Research resources for the items you choose. Look for sites that offer free shipping: like here, and comparison shop for the best prices and search for the items you want by brand and type: like here.

4. You should try to find stores outside your home state to avoid sales tax. This is one of the great advantages to online shopping.

  1. 5. If you just don’t get any satisfaction out of shopping online, at least make sure you visit non-boutique retail stores late on Tuesdays. Rumor has it that this is when stores are most likely to make their mark downs for the week, so you will have the advantage of the greatest selection of on sale items.

Good Luck! And remember, staying within a budget takes a lot of the stress out of your life and makes the things you do buy more satisfying and fun.