Hello, my name is Staci and I am a recovering Spend Thrift. There, I said it.

I am not sure how it happened. I was born without mental or physical handicaps into a normally dysfunctional American middle class family. I have been very fortunate.

“I spend when I am happy, I spend when I am sad, I spend when I am lonely, I spend when I am mad.  I use credit like it’s real because I think that buys a deal, only I would never steal cuz I can borrow for a meal.”

Downturn Living began with an awakening of the “late is better than never” sort. It took the realization of approaching retirement and the destruction of an important relationship or two, before I turned slowly towards the mirror and honestly took inventory of the cycle of debt and recovery in which I existed.

Like most unhealthy compulsions, this one brought stress instead of happiness, brutal reality trumped childish dreams and in the end, a person can either embrace life and rebuild or sink slowly into despair. I started with despair, but didn’t like it, so I have moved on to the rebuilding process.

At Downturn Living you will find news and information about the recession and economy as it relates to normal folks like you and me. There are articles and helpful tips for frugal living, managing depression spending, wasteful spending, and all of the other unhealthy spending that contributes to our consumer debt.

Thank you for visiting and if you would like to contribute your own story or helpful ideas please click here

Your Friend In Recovery,


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